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Terms and


This option is highly recommended if you are liquidating your domains to investors or businesses with less affordability.

You can choose only from given fixed price tages i.e. $199, $299, $399, $599, $699, $799

Fixed price domains are accepted provisionally and are listed immediately in provisional list untill reviewed and accepted.

Buyers will have one click option to start escrow.

  • We recommend choosing this option, if you own more valuable domains with valuable niche.
  • Minimum acceptable price in this category of listing is $800, if you want to sell less than that please choose fixed price option.
  • Minimum acceptable prices are not made public. They are only sent on request of buyer.
  • Automatic Escrow will be started only if buyer meets your minimum acceptable price or the offer price is higher.
  • Domains listed for price on request are accepted provisionally and are listed after review.
  • In fixed price listing buyer will have one click option to send an escrow request.
  • In price on request, escrow will only be started when buyer agrees to pay your minimum acceptable price or makes an offer which is higher than your acceptable price.
  • In both conditions escrow is automatically started without any prior intimation to seller.
  • It is mandatory to process the transaction once escrow is started, failure to which will only lead permanent ban and removal of all other listed domains from platform.
  • Currently we are using and for escrow services.

Turn and keep your domain privacy off to verify your ownership. Your domain will be listed as long as it is OFF.

Currently we are accepting only .com, .net, .org, .co, .io

Please always see acceptance guide to understand what domains are accepted for listing.

All sellers are charged with brokerage fee.


Always hover over field labels of submission form to get help messages for guidance.

Currently we are accepting only .com, .net, .org, .co, .io

You can use capitalization to ensure readability e.g use instead of
You can not submit same domain simultaneously in Fixe Price and Price on Request listings.

As your domains are classified based on your niche, and they appear to business owners searching particular niches, so It is important that you choose three best niches for your domain from given options.
It will be automatically determined if your domains are letters, numbers, single dictionary words or other category domains e.g. LL, LLL, LLLL. 
Domain are placed and classified accordingly, so please do not ask us to place you domain or domains in a particular category of your choice.

Preferred and

Accepted Domains

  • Meaningful dictionary words.
  • Two dictionary words in proper grammatical sequence.
  • Pronouncable and brandable combination of letters or words.
  • Short domains
  • Already expired domains.
  • Domains with no meaningful words.
  • No meaningful sequence of letters or words.
  • Adult domains.
  • Domains with trademark issues.
  • .COM top level domains
  • Two, three and four letter domains
  • Single dictionary words.
  • Number domain (up to five)
  • Number domains with unique sequence.
  • Two dictionary words of short length.
  • Three word dictionary domains.
  • New TLDs with no meaningful first level names.
  • Domains with Whois enabled.
  • No meaningful and unbradable dictionary words.


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